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Registered Psychologist in Kelowna BC | BC#2128
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Background & Experience

Dr. Morris has over 15 years of experience providing services to children, youth, and their families. She completed her Ph.D. in counselling psychology at Boston College and her clinical internship through Harvard Medical School at Cambridge Hospital. She worked for eight years at the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland where she was involved in developing guidelines for supporting children and youth in emergency settings (e.g., war, natural disasters, etc.) as well as developing targeted preventative interventions centering on the child-caregiver relationship. Dr. Morris has held adjunct faculty appointments at UBC Okanagan as well as Webster University in Switzerland and has published and lectured in the areas of child mental health, child development, and family psychology.

Dr. Morris is a mother to two school-aged children and has been married for 17 years. She understands that being a parent and being in a long-term relationship is a source of joy but not always easy!! She brings the “real life” experience of parenting into her work. Dr. Morris has lived in three countries (Canada, the United States and Switzerland) and worked professionally in seven other countries. Her favourite pastimes include enjoying the outdoors with her family, traveling and meeting people from different cultures.

Approach to Counselling

Dr. Morris’s holistic approach to treatment is informed by a number of traditions including cognitive-behavioural therapy, developmental psychopathology, and family systems. She values a collaborative relationship with her clients that focus on their areas of strength. She will work with you, your child, and your family to develop specific and achievable goals for counselling and work with you and your child to bring about the needed changes. Dr. Morris values lifelong learning and is very open to feedback.

Dr. Jodi Morris enjoys some fun time with a youngster at the OSNS Child and Youth Development Centre this week where she was doing clinical evaluations for children and conducting the first in a series of workshops for parents.
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