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There are a lot of pressures on children these days. Some children will internalize their worry and emotional distress and may present with concerns such as:

  • Fears about what others think of them or their performance (social anxiety)
  • Worries about being separated from parents (separation anxiety)
  • Physical health complaints such as headaches, stomach aches, or experience panic attacks
  • Lack of motivation, social withdrawal from friends and family, or a change in eating or sleep patterns (aspects of depression)

Other children may act out their distress and externalize it towards others and may present with concerns such as:

  • Aggressive outbursts
  • Angry or irritable mood
  • Behavioural problems at school

Or perhaps your child just needs some support dealing with a significant stressor or transition in in their lives such as:

  • A divorce or separation
  • Being bullied at school
  • Adjustment to a medical illness
  • A death in the family
  • Transition to a new school or the birth of a sibling

Whether you have a child who is internalizing their distress, turning their distress out towards others, or needs some support in dealing with a stressor or transition, Dr. Morris can help your child to find the tools and strategies so that he or she can thrive in the home, school, and in the community.